Are you unveiled?

unveiled yourself

What has happened?

It is the year 3030 and the streets are filled with destruction and chaos… People were starving, struggling, dope clothes were hard to find…

But not all hopes were lost… A group of elite degens found a way to harness the power of blockchain and use it to strengthen their bodies and minds! Now calling themselves Unveiled, the Unveiled are on a mission to make their dreams come true and restore humanity forever! 

Being a member of the Unveiled means dressing like a hype beast while following your wildest dreams and striving to be the best version of yourself! Here you can be, whoever you want to be! Will you join us?

Where brand meets utility

You see, we are not the typical “branded” PFP project. We do things differently here! Yes, we have the sickest PFP art on Solana, but that’s not all… 

As an authentic web3 brand driven by the community, the Unveiled is built on four key pillars – growth, identity, vision and value! All of our products and services are developed with one goal in mind – to deliver as much value as possible to the community! 

We are hustlers, and treat our project like a real business – we strive to build multiple ventures that deliver value to our holders regardless the market conditions. Sounds cool, huh?


At Unveiled, our main focus is to build an authentic web3 brand and leverage the power of the community to develop multiple ventures that add value and revenue to our holders.

As a web3 tech venture, we know how quickly the meta can change. That’s why our roadmap serves as a guide for us. We are always ready to change, adapt and innovate with the simple goal of delivering more value to our community!

Pre-mint benefits and utilities

OG Airdrops, Alpha Calls, Raid-to-earn, Free Drip, and more

Full IP-Rights

Our holders own 100% of the IP rights to their NFT. The Unveiled are free to do as they please.

The Brave Incubator

Built by the Unveiled, and aims to provide high-quality services to other projects while providing revenue and value to the holders.


Around a week after mint our staking will be released. You can stake your Unveiled NFT for $VEIL (and something more *wink)

Online Store

We are going to be releasing our online store where you can use $VEIL, $SOL, and other SPL tokens to purchase clothing, merchandise, custom traits, raffle tickets, WL spots, and more

Unveiled Lootboxes

What are you going to receive? Seems like no one knows, yet...


We are all about giving back to the community - staking multipliers, 1/1 NFTs, custom sneakers, clothing, and more

Secret Utilities based on traits

That's why we will be implementing some dope utilities for our rare traits!

The Dream Team



r o i











community manger




Supply: 5555
OG/Bravest price: 0.5 $SOL
WL/Public price: 0.66 $SOL

Mint date: 05.09.22

 Being an OG in our community grants you special benefits never seen before – access to alpha calls, airdrops, 1/1 NFTs, minting bot, mint discount, free drip, and more. Check out our Discord for more information.

Being an active member of our community is all it takes. Create organic conversations, join raffles, and games, create fan art, raid with the community…

Fan art

The Unveiled is a community built of creative and inspiring people! Check out how talented our community is!


You can stake your Unveiled NFTs for 5 $VEIL daily! Detailed whitepaper will be released but here are some details.